Bootstrap a website with Wagtail, Nuxt, Graphene and MinIO

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The task: Building a website. As web developers, as common as binding your shoes. However you don’t only bind it, but rather craft it.
Naturally you first need to know: Is the shoe for hiking or climbing, an accessory or a sandal? Since you can’t build a shoe that suits all feet and occasions — right?

Well we don’t know much about shoes, with Websites however we strive for maximum flexibility! …

What this is about

We recently worked on projects that needed an integration in WordPress. We decided to try Webpack and use the Vue CLI to create a plugin and also a frontend app. Although we are still mixing PHP and use the typical WordPress functionalities.

Today we want to show you our workflow how to develop and include a Vue.js App with Webpack into WordPress while using Docker. For that we will create a simple plugin with a simple admin page that loads the Vue app. In the beginning we were only able to achieve a live reload instead of a hot reload…

As we rely on agile software development, we believe software has to be built in a professional way. This mindset brought us to the following rules:

  • Automate setup as much as possible to reduce time and costs for new developers or changing environments.

Good programmers are lazy programmers. So we don’t want to repeat the same job every day or even multiple times per day. For this kind of jobs we have our great employees called “Computers”. Yes we know computer is a tool but sometimes we can treat them as our friendly employees. …

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