How to Build Scalable Websites with Wagtail and Nuxt

Bootstrap a website with Wagtail, Nuxt, Graphene and MinIO

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7 min readMay 13, 2020


The task: Building a website. As web developers, as common as binding your shoes. However you don’t only bind it, but rather craft it.
Naturally you first need to know: Is the shoe for hiking or climbing, an accessory or a sandal? Since you can’t build a shoe that suits all feet and occasions — right?

Well we don’t know much about shoes, with Websites however we strive for maximum flexibility! To make a shoe to climb the alps as well as to dominate in a sprint, what you need is the right material, or to put it precisely: the right software Stack.

So how to choose what to work with? Here is our reasoning:

  • Mature technologies: To guarantee stable functionality, we choose tested tools.
  • Promising tech: We make sure our tools always stay sharp.
    A vibrant open-source community ensures an active development. An accompanying corporate involvement can be a steady motor,
    but can also bind us to their choices: We won’t risk stability over breaking changes, so we look for a good mix.
  • State of the Art: To keep in sync with today's demands we optimize for performance, search-engine-optimization (SEO) and security.
  • Compatibility: We build well playing teams, also in our stack and minimize Overhead.
  • Scalability: We prepare for growth, ensure potential to transition into more demand-intensive realms seamlessly.
  • Agility: We always preserve the ability to react to changes in the web landscape by making services attachable and detachable.

It is worth elaborating the last point a little bit, since it presents a basic assumption to the approach described here.
Some technologies deliver you an all-in-one solution from frontend to backend while they are really only good at a part of the job.
Furthermore web-development is a sprawling industry with unforeseeable changes around every corner, if a tool ever does fall behind the times, we don’t want to rebuild everything from scratch.