How to Build Scalable Websites with Wagtail and Nuxt

Bootstrap a website with Wagtail, Nuxt, Graphene and MinIO

The Tools: CMS

[…] It’s important to be aware of which hats you’re wearing at any moment, and to use the right tools for that job. —Zen of Wagtail

The Tools : Frontend

The Tools : API

The Tools : Object Store

The #1 open source object store. And the most enterprise ready. —

The Build: Bringing It All Together

git clone
mv base-wagtail <New-Projectname>
cd <New-Projectname>
git remote rm origin
git remote add origin <New-Repo>

The Build: Prepare The Backend

wagtail admin interface

The Build: Create The API


The Build: Render Frontend

web_frontend/pages/entry/_id.vue & web_frontend/components/InfoCard/index.vue

The Result: Start The Website

cd /project_root/web_frontend
yarn install
cd /project_root
cp .env.dist .env
docker-compose up -d

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